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We remember the men we lost on 911 and the wind on the wings of our souls as we who are left to consider another year gone by. There is sweet memory of the loved ones lost and the family who remain steadfast in their memory. The lessons of Duty Honor Courage Sacrifice... lifts our hearts our minds and our spirits to the heavens and beyond.




911 Patch Project
As we reflect on this years remembrance of 911 please take the time to read Jimmy's Email to firefighterveteran and to read his story of the events that he lived through on that day.  It is powerful and compelling and takes the reader back to the day that changed all of us forever.  We remember our fallenand the family members left behind.  A stronger nation a stronger community that remains dedicated to the protection of our American Homeland and our way of life.  Take a moment to read this.   Shannon Pennington firefighterveteran IAFF 26 years.
Hey All,

In case you are interested, the Discovery Channel will be airing a documentary on my old firehouse, Tenhouse, at 8 pm on Wednesday, 9/11.  Shirley and I flew up to NY earlier this year for the interviews and save for the clips in the link, we have not yet seen the finished product. 
The name of the show is "9/11 Firehouse" and this is a link to a Duth NatGeo website:  It will air world wide on NatGeo, but in the US it will be on Discovery.

If I have made a mistake about you wanting to know about the show, or if I have inadvertently included your email in error, please accept my apologies for either.  Trying to go through my email list so as to not forget anyone has been a major undertaking and I probably did miss a few.

I also attached my memories from that day that I finally had wrote down two years ago.  If you have already seen it, sorry for the replay.  For those that haven't, please feel free to pass it on to whomever might be interested in it.  I wrote it down for my kiddies, but if it helps anyone else along the way, then it is all gravy.

No matter whether you watch, read, or delete altogether, please do say a prayer for, and remember, the innocent souls who perished as well as the brave ones who made the ultimate sacrifice attempting to rescue them.  "
Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends." - John 15:13




The list and photos of those killed in the line of duty F.D.N.Y. on 911 is linked here.  Along with the video above we at choose to NEVER FORGET them or the lasting legacy to the American Fire Service which their sacrifice in service stands for.  Many words will be spoken down through the years and fears ahead of us.  It is by looking deeply into these men and their standing of their watch on the firelines of their community that we, those left behind, must reach to find if we too will have their courage and if we too will be willing to go into the abyss of darkness to bring our light to a world of darkness.  It is the enduring remembrance of these men of F.D.N.Y. which will define our service, our moral integrity and our willingness to continue to servewith honor, duty, integrity and valour.  All of which they showed on this great day of loss and this great day in our service history.  Let those who need to know that such men  as these are there on the line 24/7365 and that America is trulya home where the brave are free.  In their freedom they stood the ground.  In their freedom they made the choice to move into the center of the fire.......They stood the test.  The firelines are whole and we are richerin the memory of what it is they did that long sad day many hundreds of days ago.

Shannon H. Pennington IAFF Brother and firefighterveteran


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